Tosin Wise is a gospel artiste based in Owerri , Imo State. He has gone through the struggles that could turn him into the next music star. In this interview with CHINEDU HARDY NWADIKE, he talks about his life, inspiration, dreams and music.





I’m Anyaelezu Oluwatosin, from Owalla Avuvu in Ikeduru LGA of Imo State. I’m the second childin a family of six comprising four boys and two girls. I’m also a graduate of Computer Science from UNN. My stage name is Tosin Wise.



Well, I’m the king of diversified music, doing R&B, Hip-Hop, Gospel and some classicals

Why not specialize in one?

This is music and a thing of talent, if I have the talent, why will I be hiding it? I’ll have to use everything God has given to me. One direction won’t really help my career in music. I get inspirations from almost all the directions of music that I know.I want to be a musician and not a guy who could do only Hip-Hip. The best thing to say is that I want to be ‘everyman’ in music.

First time in music


I’ll say that I listened to music in my mother’s womb, and as a child I loved music because my father was a musician. Watching the album jackets inspired us a lot. Although he later abandoned music for a career in the field of engineering, he was a big inspiration to all of us. I started music after my secondary school and my first day in a recording studio was in 2006.

Your background and music

Ninety percent of the factors that made me a musician today are from my background. Like I said before, the album jackets of his turntable plates inspired us a lot as well as pictures and stories of the exploits of my father.Those days as kids we sat beside the enlarged pictures and ask ourselves when we are going to handle the microphone like him. There was also support and guidance from cousins and friends who are into music, but there was no way I could have jumped into music then because I was waiting for my call into the art. Now that I have the calling, I’m here to do my thing.


Music is not all about the talent; it requires something else, which is the calling into the art. I don’t rush things in music, I always wait for it to come to me. I don’t believe I should just pick up pen and paper and write anything in the name of music, it always has to come from God.


Current work

I’m putting everything in my first album and it’s a gospel album. My song Not Alone enjoys good airplay at Vision Africa FM Umuahia.

Album details

Expect the best of gospel music, and I’m looking at between 10 and 14 tracks and I did some tracks with De Dukes, Blaze Beats, Frankis and other artistes. I’m not only hoping to make money from this album, but I want it to also make a great impact in the lives of the listeners too.

Album deadline

I can’t say any day is the deadline for my album to go public, because I’m currently working on some tracks as well as improving on the others that are already done. Hopefully by the grace of God this year will not run out without my album being released. Although I’m planning on having an album launch/listening party around June this year.

Practising what you preach

Yes, I do my best to practise what I preach through gospel music because I know what it’s all about, but you know that nobody is perfect in this life. But one thing I do with my music is that I use it as tool of change. I always encourage people listening to my music to change from their evil ways and move along the righteous lane to salvation.

Gospel artiste until when?

I’ll keep being a gospel artiste, starting with God and ending it all with Him. He’s the reason why I’m into music, why turn my back on him. I’ll always walk with God in my music. Although I get inspirations to do so many things in music, I won’t compromise. So anything I call a track in my album will be a trackthat will make positive changes in the life of the listener.

Work with big names

That will be on my second album, because it is not easy to see yourself working with these guys if you’re not yet with them in the spotlight. Sometimes money is involved and you can’t even afford that.

Gospel as entertainment

Yeah, in as much as it involves praising God, it is also a form of entertainment. Gospelmusic should of course be entertaining and the artistes should as well do what they can to enjoy the same spotlightsecular music artistes are enjoying. If I get to that position, I will do everything I can to bring in swagger in the industry because it deserves all the spotlight which it’s not getting right now.

Message to people like you

Everything is gotten from prayers. They should pray and believe in God and nothing will stop them.