You might want to write her off by mere looking at her, but Porsh Kayiana knows the language of music, which is still music unknown to some people.

The Imo State born, Port Harcourt based artiste who did the popular blackberry song with Duncan Mighty had a chat with Chinedu Hardy Nwadike of at Final Mix Studio Owerri, where she was doing a song with Acharaman. She ran through issues that are mostly personal and open to the public, making this interview a must read for every lover of the fair skinned artiste.



Owerri and Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt has been there and Owerri is coming up rapidly probably because of the new government and mindset unlike before. This is a big plus for the artistes and it excites me as well because I still rep Imo State anywhere I find myself. I’m from Mbaise, so any growth here should excite me.

Why base in Port Harcourt?


Music took me there and it’s not like I’m fully based there. I move to Lagos, Abuja, Ghana and anywhere music wants me to go. Some other times I’m still here in Owerri so it’s a shuttling thing, I’m steady.

Other businesses

I do a little of fashion designing, although I’m still in the process of being good at it.


I’m running a Microsoft Certificate programme in Port Harcourt and I’m in my third month now.


Relationship with other very educated artistes

Music has no language but music, and if you can speak that language, you’ll surely mix up with everyone. There’s no segregation or victimization, after all, I can speak good English, write my songs, read magazines and relevant books so I’m as educated as anyone can be in the music world.

Response to Owerri artistes

Anytime I get a call to do a song with anyone in Owerri, I’ll always give it a positive response, just like I am here to do a song with Acharaman. I heard him sing and that was it. He has a cultural rap music thing that makes him unique. Mixing Igbo language and English to produce a good rhyme. I love his kind of music and when he asked me to be in his song, I had no other answer but yes.

Best artiste in Owerri

There is a group called Conclusion, I give it to them, because they’re tight!

And others

People are doing good music here but a good music to you might not be the same to me, that’s how it is.

Best artiste in Port Harcourt

Duncan mighty of course. He’s still the all-time best in Port Harcourt.

His influence

For sure Duncan has influenced my music, just like in the Blackberry song. It was my king of music, reggae and dancehall and with his own style in the song, the whole thing gave a good rhythm.

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Your family, your music

My dad never accepted the whole music idea, but my mum is cool with it. She understood that I’m destined to do music and so has been there for me.

They’ve come to accept me as I am, as long as I don’t go messing around.

Music, fashion, academics

Because I’m organized, I can handle the three, when I have a show outside the state or country, I make sure that I submit my assignments ahead of time so that it won’t affect me in any way, and for the fashion, I’m not into commercial designing, but I do it for myself. If I want to get commercial, it’ll be in the future and not now. The cloths I make are just for me alone, so I can always find time to do all these things.

Porshkayiana brand

I would love that to be, but not now, I just need to fix things before going to that level.

Your independence and African concept

African women are strong women and it’s cool to be independent. Not that I won’t get married, I’ve been going all the way by myself in music, but if a label with good stuffs come knocking, I’ll always listen.

And the marriage stuff

I don’t know when that will be

Nothing in the pipeline?

Nothing at all

Single and available?

Not at all, I’m in a relationship but that’s personal for now. But if anyone should publish it, I’ll surely take it to be the press and their normal thing and won’t fight anyone.

Reaction to scandals

If it’s true, I wouldn’t know what to do.

Any scandal yet?

Recently there was a publication that I was dating Duncan Mighty but it wasn’t true, Duncan Mighty is a nice guy and a blessing to the Port Harcourt music industry, not only the female artistes, but to the male folks as well. Everyone knows that and he’s always there to help.

Were you extraordinarily close to Duncan Mighty?

It was made up to sale magazines, no one saw anything between I and Duncan Mighty those people just made it up. We only did a song together and that was it.

Your reaction

I reacted angrily but the fact remains that I don’t know who did it.

And Duncan Mighty?

He called it the normal thing in the world of entertainment and moved on with his life and business.

Success in music

I’m still coming up, although I am well known in Port Harcourt, Owerri and partly in Lagos, but that’s not the kind of success I dream of. I still want more.

Inspiration for Blackberry

Love for my boyfriend and the fact that blackberry was trending, I felt I could merge the two and it paid off.

Why feature Duncan Mighty

Because he was going to make the song better.

Porshkayiana in 5 years time

Expect good music, the kind of songs that will touch lives and change people for better.