Music used to be about lyrics and sounds until it became a thing of style. Style lasted as far as it could, but was phased out by beats, where the man with the best beat, has the best song for the crowd irrespective of the lyrics and style. Music is really changing.


Born out of lyrics, style and good beats, Kokomma emerged into the scene of music, ready to leave a crest of her name as legacy for those that really love good music. A graduate of Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) and a near fashion freak, Kokomma talked about it all in this interview with Chinedu Hardy Nwadike, explaining how far she has gone, amidst the release of her latest single ‘Go Go”


The name


Everything started when I was imitating Sisquo, people were calling me Quosis, which is the reverse of Sisquo. But when people started appreciating my real name Kokomma, I felt I should use it, since nothing will be as original as it is.

With beginning

I came to Owerri in 2005 as the first set in the Pre Degree programme of FUTO,I started recording in 2006 with a friend who has left music and is working now. I combined school and music until now that I have graduated.

In love with Owerri now?

It is not really about the love, it’s about my friends. I grew up in Warri, Delta State and don’t really have a good number of friends that do music. If I want to keep doing music, I’ll have to remain here because I know people here. But if I have to go back to Warri, everything must be in place for me, so that I don’t start from the beginning.


Being a girl, student and musician

It was never easy to combine the three, but I did it.

If a show clashes with a test in school

It will depend on the course and the show as well. If the show is a big one, and the course is not really a very serious one, the show will have me. That’s the truth.

Journey so far

I was moving with a great speed until something happened to me. Something personal that I don’t really want to share. It made me stop for two years, a time I decided not to do music again. My friends were there for me, always gingering me to get back to music. Sometimes they will sing my songs to me, just to get me in the music mood. As time goes on, I got back to it and that was last year. And I’m so happy to be back.

Would you dump NYSC for music

NYSC is something we all must do. I can go for the compulsory three weeks camp and after that, I’ll look for a way to fix it. If other people can combine NYSC and other things, I can do the same.

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Artistes you love

I love Beyonce, Shakira and Jen Lo because they do the things that I want to do, which are singing and dancing. In Nigeria, I’ve not really seen a female artiste like that, but I love Asa, her songs have got inspiring lyrics with lots of meaning too. In Owerri, I’ll go for Harmony because she has a wonderful voice and a good singer too. I chose Harmony for her music, she is not really my friend.

Your dressing

I’m a fashion freak. I love wearing good stuffs that will make me look beautiful and sexy.

By sexy you mean?

I call my kind of looking sexy ‘matured sexy’. You don’t have to wear skimpy stuffs to look sexy. Dressing well with good cloths can make one really look sexy.

While shopping

I buy gowns, more of chiffon gowns. Designers’ jackets, jeans, and singlets I love combining them. I buy perfumes, nice shoes, and bags. I love Victoria Beckham even though her stuffs are not popular here. Versace, Lady Pat, Channel, Gucci, and most my bags are Luis Venton.


I don’t have one and I’m not planning on getting one. Tattoos don’t freak me.

Sleeping with a man for a record deal

I don’t think I can do that. I know my worth. I’ll work toward a good record deal and not wait for a man to sleep with for that to come.

Your album

My album will drop before the end of the year, with or without a record label. If a good deal comes my way, I’ll definitely look at it, but if none comes, Kokomma will be doing her thing.

What makes you unique?

My style. I created my own style of music because I just don’t want to be another girl doing music. Another girl struggling in the shadows of one female star. My style of music is unique and I want to be known by it.

Current work

I’m working on something new, but aside that, I’m promoting my latest single ‘Go Go’


I’m not married and currently in a relationship.

Shout out to the guy

No, that’s personal

You, music and your family

My mum is happy whenever she hears my song on the radio; my dad will always shake his head and walk away. He will always tell us that without education, one is nothing.

Other talents

I can draw, I make sculptures, although I have stopped that because of the stress in it. But I’m so talented that anything that concerns arts is a blessing God gave me.

Words to the ladies in music

Don’t let any man overshadow you with love, forcing you to drop your dreams. If he must have you, he must be ready to support you and your music. I wish you all the best.