R&B recently became a genre of music people fear to jump into because only few like Dare, De Ginie have made it in this area.

The public whom this music is being made for have this changing demand, which is shifting towards party tracks and dancehall, leaving R&B.


For this, artistes who came into the industry having only R&B in mind have resorted to doing more of hip-hop than R&B just to remain relevant in the industry. It’s not their fault  because even economists know it that the demand determines the supply of any product.

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Emy Xcel is one artiste ready to stand in the gap, having released an R&B track ‘She too fine” which the artiste believes will surely make the missing difference in Owerri and Nigeria as whole.\

After  “she too fine’, Emy Xcel joined the other hip-hop artistes to release ‘mmanya dibia’ and ‘I dey high’

“There is an R&B bridge we need to build in this country, and I’m stepping in to do something. Music is not all about dancing, good and slow lyrics is something I love so much and I hope to continue doing something in this area”



Mmanya  Dibia

I de high

she too fine