Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham is under fire on social media after reporting trolls who cursed her for supporting President Bola Tinubu in the 2023 general election to the police for cyberbullying.

During the 2022 election campaign, Abraham declared her support for Tinubu, expressing confidence in his ‘Renewed Hope’ action plans to address the nation’s problems. Alongside other Yoruba movie stars, she campaigned vigorously for Tinubu.

However, since Tinubu’s inauguration on May 29, 2023, the country’s economy has declined. The removal of fuel subsidies and the floating of the naira by the Central Bank of Nigeria have led to soaring fuel prices and a dramatic depreciation of the naira, exacerbating poverty levels.


Abraham has been singled out by netizens for defending her political choice, with many expecting her to explain how Tinubu intends to address Nigeria’s issues. Despite her attempts to distance herself from politics, the backlash has continued.

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In response to severe online abuse, including threats and harmful comments towards her family, Abraham reported some trolls to the police for cyberbullying. Her actions have sparked a debate on the appropriate response to online harassment.

Defending her actions, Abraham’s spokesperson stated, “It is not an abuse of power; it’s a fight against cyberbullying. Everyone must understand that actions have consequences, especially online.”

One notable incident involved a troll, identified as #Ayo, who accused Abraham of using Tinubu’s money for a hair transplant for her husband. After reporting him, Ayo was arrested, prompting further backlash and calls for Abraham’s movies to be reported on Netflix.


Despite the ongoing controversy, Abraham remains firm in her stance against cyberbullying, emphasizing the distinction between public criticism and personal threats.