Famed Nigerian musician Burna Boy has stirred up a buzz on social media after celebrating his birthday in an unconventional yet heartwarming way—by taking his parents to a nightclub.

The video, which quickly went viral, shows Burna Boy celebrating his 33rd birthday with his mother, Bose Ogulu, and his father. The sight of the superstar enjoying the club scene with his parents has sparked a wave of hilarious and varied reactions from netizens.

Here are some of the standout responses:

  • @Bidal4Life: “Just get money. Your parents go follow you enter club.”
  • @Hojay_33: “Everyone in his family is still alive, some artiste can’t relate.”
  • @HenryGevson: “What money brings to some extent beyond imagination.”
  • @Juice: “Our parents would never let us hit the club. They were against it totally. But Burna Boy clubbing with his parents? That is just next-level crazy. It shows how much you can get away with when you are a big shot!”
  • @STARLION_JK: “But my parents are ready to come club, come carry me go house say na sinner parlor.”
  • @4dollarsn: “Burna turn choir master, no smoking of igbo. Big respect to our parents’ e get as e be sha.”
  • @KelvinAustin234: “He doesn’t smoke weed when his father is around him.”
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Burna Boy’s unique celebration showcases not only his love for his family but also the lengths he will go to include them in his world. This memorable night out with his parents has certainly given fans and followers something to talk about!