Princessa Oreo, popularly known as Princesser Africa Ekwurekwu, has opened up about her painful battle with fibroid, a condition that caused a 3kg mass to grow in her belly.

When Princesser first noticed the swelling in her abdomen, she had no idea what it was. It was only later she learned she had fibroid, a non-cancerous growth in the uterus. At the age of 35, her ordeal began.

In an interview with BBC News Pidgin, Princesser recounted her journey. Initially, doctors told her that removing the fibroid would cost 400,000 naira and would likely result in the loss of her womb. Determined to explore all options, she sought a second opinion in Lagos, where doctors assured her that her womb could be preserved, although the surgery would cost millions of naira.


Princesser, a well-known radio presenter with Boss Radio Owerri and former broadcaster at Zanders FM and Hot FM both in Owerri, Imo State, revealed the physical and emotional toll the fibroid took on her life.

She said that the fibroid grew to the size of a seven-month-old baby, causing her to wear large dresses to hide her condition. Strangers often mistook her for being pregnant, which, though sometimes made her smile, didn’t lessen her constant pain and discomfort.

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Her struggle with pain was intense. She had to rely on painkillers to sleep, but as time went on, some medications stopped working, leading to sleepless nights filled with tears. The heavy mass in her belly caused discomfort while standing and sitting, and she often cried from the pain.

Out of fear of surgery, Princesser turned to herbal treatments, hoping for relief. Unfortunately, these remedies made her vomit blood and left her dehydrated and weak. Ironically, the herbal mixtures could have caused more harm to the womb she was trying to protect.


Despite her fears, Princesser eventually underwent surgery to remove the fibroid and has now fully recovered. She shared her story to encourage women facing similar challenges to seek proper medical attention.