Former Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo, has stated emphatically that no single individual will be allowed to dominate Rivers State. Dokubo stressed that the governorship is a position meant for only one person at a time.

His remarks come amid tensions in Rivers State following the expiration of the tenure of local government chairmen. He urged the outgoing chairmen to accept the conclusion of their three-year terms and to avoid causing any disruptions.

Speaking to his followers in Port Harcourt, Dokubo said, “The local government tenure expired today, June 17, 2024. They should step down quietly. If they wish to seek re-election, they must do so according to the constitution. There is no provision for tenure elongation in the constitution. Their tenure has ended, and they should not create unnecessary issues for the state.

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“I advise young people not to let themselves be manipulated. Only one person can be the governor of Rivers State at any given time. We cannot have two governors simultaneously. The people of Rivers State are greater than any individual, including me, Muhajid Asari Dokubo. No one can take the people of Rivers State for granted.

“The people are demonstrating their power. They have independently taken over local government secretariats because it is about the people’s will. We cannot allow a chairman to exceed the three-year tenure we voted for, not even by a second.”