Inter Miami forward Lionel Messi has shed light on why he often strolls around the pitch during matches. Known for his strategic walking, Messi uses this time to assess the game.

The eight-time Ballon d’Or winner explained his approach: “When I was at Newell’s, we were sometimes made to run around the grounds two or three times a week. I used to hide behind a tree because running without a ball was never my thing.”

Messi elaborated on his method: “I’ve always been very self-critical. When I walk, I analyze the opponent’s positioning, our setup when we don’t have the ball, and look for ways to escape my marker and start a counterattack. I don’t pay much attention to GPS, statistics, or data. I never cared how much I ran in a match.”

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His insights reveal that what might seem like casual strolling is actually a deliberate tactic to understand and exploit the dynamics of the game.