In a tragic incident, a bridge collapse in northern Colombia resulted in the deaths of four people on Friday. The collapse occurred during heavy rains, sending two cars and a motorcycle plunging into the abyss.

Julio Olaya, a traffic police chief, reported that the bridge, which connects the city of Barranquilla to the airport in Soledad, failed under the torrential downpour. “Three people died on the scene and another later in the hospital,” Olaya confirmed.

In the aftermath of the collapse, authorities have closed the bridge, fearing further structural failures. They have established alternative routes to ensure continued access to the airport and to prevent additional casualties.

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This disaster comes as Colombia braces for an unusually wet rainy season due to the El Nino weather phenomenon. The government has issued warnings and is preparing for increased rainfall and potential infrastructure challenges.

As investigations into the cause of the collapse continue, the community mourns the loss of lives and authorities work to prevent further tragedies.