Deputy Commissioner of Police Abubakar Mohammed Guri tragically passed away on Monday, June 3rd, at the Force Headquarters in Abuja. The esteemed officer, serving as DC in the office of COMPOL MOPOL, was in full uniform when he unexpectedly collapsed in his office.

Witnesses reported that Guri, who had seemed in good health earlier, was quickly transported to the Clinic within the Police headquarters for urgent medical assistance. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead upon arrival. The sudden nature of his death has left colleagues and staff in shock, as he had been seen exchanging pleasantries and carrying out his duties earlier in the day.

While the exact cause of death remains unconfirmed, a source speculated that it might be related to heart failure, pointing out that many officers have recently faced similar fates due to extreme fatigue from their demanding schedules. The intense, round-the-clock nature of police work, often without adequate rest, has been cited as a contributing factor to such incidents.

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The Force Public Relations Office has yet to release an official statement regarding DCP Guri’s untimely demise. His death marks a significant loss for the department and raises concerns about the health and well-being of police officers working under strenuous conditions.

Colleagues remember Guri as a dedicated and hardworking officer, whose sudden departure has left a profound void in the police force.