Manchester City’s star midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne, is considering a move to the Saudi Pro League (SPL), driven by the potential financial benefits. With just one year left on his contract at the Etihad Stadium, the Belgian ace has been linked with a lucrative transfer to Saudi Arabia.

De Bruyne, in an interview with Belgian outlet HLN, expressed his openness to the move, citing the immense financial rewards. “At my age, you have to be open to everything,” he said. “You’re talking about incredible amounts of money in what may be the end of my career. Sometimes you have to think about that.”

Reflecting on his career, De Bruyne highlighted the financial contrast between playing in Europe and the SPL. “If I play there for two years, I will be able to earn an incredible amount of money. Before that, I had to play football for 15 years. I may not even reach that amount yet.”


Having spent nine successful years at Manchester City, where he won the Premier League title six times, De Bruyne’s future is now a topic of family discussions. “These are conversations that we are increasingly having as a family,” he shared. “I still have one year left on my contract, so I have to think about what could happen.”

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De Bruyne, who made only 18 league appearances last season due to a hamstring injury, is also contemplating a move to MLS. He emphasized the importance of considering his family’s needs, especially his eight-year-old son. “My eldest son is now eight years old and knows nothing but England. He also asks how long I will play for City.”

As he approaches the twilight of his career, De Bruyne is weighing his options carefully. “Once the moment comes, we will have to deal with it in a certain way,” he noted, hinting at significant changes on the horizon.

With the potential move to Saudi Arabia or MLS, Kevin De Bruyne’s next steps are eagerly awaited by fans and football enthusiasts worldwide.