Veteran Nollywood actor and producer Kanayo O. Kanayo has accused teen actress Angel Unigwe and her mother of breaching a filming contract with his production company. According to Kanayo, Unigwe’s mother prematurely removed her daughter from a set before the contract period had ended.

In a video shared on his Instagram page on Friday, Kanayo detailed his grievances, urging Nollywood producers to boycott Unigwe. He threatened to disrupt any shoot involving her. “A particular woman has been holding producers to ransom, and unfortunately, she is Angel Unigwe’s mother. Whether written or oral, a contract is reached by every producer. However, after taking money, everything changes with this woman,” Kanayo said.

He recounted a recent incident where Unigwe’s mother took her daughter home at 9 pm, despite the contract expiring at midnight. Kanayo emphasized that this behavior had been reported by other producers before it happened to him. He described the working relationship with Angel as good but criticized her mother’s conduct, which he claimed has been a recurring issue for many producers.

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“This is a clarion call for every producer. From this moment, the 21st day of June 2024, any set employing the services of Angel Unigwe will be disrupted. I will ensure filming does not proceed. We had a good working relationship with Angel, but her mother has been threatening many producers,” Kanayo asserted.

As of now, neither Angel Unigwe nor her mother has responded to these allegations.