President Bola Tinubu reassured Nigerians on Wednesday during a nationwide address marking Nigeria’s 25th democracy anniversary, emphasizing his commitment never to abandon the Nigerian people. He urged citizens to endure the challenges of ongoing economic reforms aimed at stabilizing the nation’s economy.

“As we push forward with economic reforms, I pledge to always heed the voices of the people and remain steadfast in my support,” President Tinubu affirmed. He also highlighted recent discussions with organized labor regarding a new national minimum wage, promising to present a legislative proposal to entrench the agreed-upon salary for the next five years.

Emphasizing the importance of both political and economic democracy, Tinubu urged the nation to strive for a brighter future despite current economic challenges. He acknowledged the nation’s difficulties and stressed the need for transformative changes to pave the way for future prosperity.

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“In achieving national greatness, we must choose the right path over the easy one,” Tinubu stated, echoing the words of American President Franklin Roosevelt. He urged against complacency, emphasizing the urgency of moving forward towards hope and progress.

Tinubu concluded on an optimistic note, pointing to the promising signs of a brighter future on the horizon. He called on Nigerians to unite in advancing democracy and national development, urging everyone to play a role in shaping a prosperous future for generations to come.