On Thursday, the Imo State House of Assembly summoned Precious Nwadike, Publisher of the Watchdog Newspaper, over an alleged defamatory article against Dr. Ikenna Ihezuo, the lawmaker for Orlu State Constituency.

The summons followed a complaint by Dr. Ihezuo during a plenary session in Owerri. The article in question, published on June 4, claimed that Ihezuo attempted to divert 65 bags of rice meant as palliative aid for Orlu constituents. The report, authored by Stanley Nwosu, suggested that Nwosu had stopped the diversion.

Ihezuo vehemently denied the allegations, accusing Nwosu and Nwadike of conspiring to damage his reputation. He highlighted that Nwadike had previously contested and lost the Orlu seat, implying a motive for the alleged defamation.


“This report is a calculated effort to tarnish my reputation and undermine my credibility,” Ihezuo stated. “Such falsehoods, if unchecked, can harm the integrity of our entire legislative body.”

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He urged the House to demand that Nwosu, the editor, and Nwadike present evidence to substantiate their claims. Ihezuo emphasized the importance of addressing the issue to protect the dignity of the Assembly.

Responding to the plea, Speaker Chike Olemgbe instructed the Clerk to formally invite the involved parties to a hearing scheduled for June 11. The Speaker stressed the need for accountability and a fair examination of the facts.

The upcoming meeting is expected to shed light on the allegations and the motivations behind the controversial publication, as the Assembly seeks to uphold its members’ honor and integrity.