The Headfort Foundation for Justice marked Children’s Day 2024 with a special event at the Special Correctional Centre for Boys in Oregun, Lagos.

During the celebration, the foundation provided guidance to the children on the significance of staying away from criminal activities. Mrs. Oriyomi Orija, Executive Director of the foundation, highlighted that their visit aimed to bring joy and love to children separated from their families due to various circumstances. Orija, represented by the foundation’s Legal Head, Amosun Mauyon, underscored the necessity for the children to avoid crime, as it impedes their ability to achieve their life ambitions.

She encouraged the children to report bullying to the proper authorities and expressed gratitude to the Lagos Food Bank and Arogi Trauma Care Foundation for their support in making the day special.

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Adedeji Odusanya, a Clinical Psychologist from Arogi Trauma Care Foundation, advised the children to handle challenges carefully, acknowledging the temptations and pressures of adolescence. He urged them to understand their developmental stage and manage their emotions, suggesting they use the internet to educate themselves about this phase of life.

Amaka Okechukwu Opara, an Economist, stressed the importance of showing kindness to children on Children’s Day. She praised the Headfort Foundation for organizing the event at the correctional center and encouraged the children to recognize their potential to make a positive impact on humanity. Opara urged them to focus on personal growth, serving others, and spiritual devotion.

The event concluded with the distribution of food and beverages to the children at the correctional center.