A violent altercation erupted at Aces Nursery, Primary, and Secondary School in Abuja on May 28, 2024, when a father, Muhammed Jimeta, assaulted a teacher, Sekinat Adedeji, for allegedly beating his daughter, Karima Jimeta.

The incident, which has caused significant concern among parents and staff, occurred when Adedeji, who was holding her three-month-old baby, was confronted and attacked by Jimeta. Adedeji recounted that the trouble began when she disciplined Karima for misbehavior during class.

“I used a ruler on her leg because she and others were causing a disturbance and had been asked to kneel down,” Adedeji explained. “The pupil disrespected me by using an offensive gesture, so I lightly tapped her leg with a small ruler.”


Jimeta, enraged by his daughter’s report, confronted Adedeji at around 4 pm, hours after the initial incident. Despite the school’s closing time at 3 pm, Jimeta slapped Adedeji four times while she was still holding her infant child.

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Witnesses, including parent Magdalene Ukuedojor, were appalled by the violence. “The teacher has a three-month-old baby. She was assaulted while carrying the baby in front of young students. The father’s actions were uncalled for,” Ukuedojor said, emphasizing that Karima often insulted teachers and classmates.

Jimeta, however, claimed that Adedeji had been mistreating his daughter for weeks. “This woman has been beating my child for a long time. I had spoken to the school management before, but nothing changed. When my daughter came home with marks and blood on her legs, I couldn’t control my anger,” he said.

The school’s owner, Aminu Kani, has yet to comment on the incident. The shocking episode has sparked a broader debate about appropriate disciplinary measures in schools and the boundaries of parental intervention.