A fierce blaze erupted on Tuesday night, consuming five shops at the Timber Market on Kenyatta Street, Uwani, Enugu. Rapid intervention by the State Fire Service averted a larger disaster, containing the fire’s spread within the bustling plywood market.

A vigilant firefighter, choosing anonymity, disclosed that an emergency call came in around 9.45 pm. The team swiftly mobilized, arriving in time to curtail the flames before they engulfed more of the market. “Only about five shops were affected,” the firefighter confirmed, underscoring the importance of their prompt action.

Local resident Joe, an eyewitness, praised the swift response. “Neighbors rushed to the scene, and within minutes, the fire service arrived, dousing the flames before they could cause more destruction,” Joe recalled. Relief echoed in his words, grateful for the narrow escape.

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Charred remnants of the affected shops stood as silent witnesses to the night’s drama. Merchants assessed the damage, expressing gratitude for the fire service’s efforts that saved most of the market. Conversations were filled with relief and a sense of vulnerability, highlighting the community’s close call.

The cause of the blaze remains under scrutiny, but the rapid response showcased the importance of readiness and coordination. The community breathed a collective sigh of relief, knowing that a dire situation had been prevented from turning into a full-scale disaster.