A Senior Magistrates’ Court in Gwagwalada, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has sentenced 39-year-old security guard Thiouma Kwawi to four years in prison for assaulting his pregnant wife with a cable wire and a stone.

Kwawi, convicted of criminal force, assault, and causing grievous harm, had pleaded for leniency but was given a firm sentence by Senior Magistrate Munir Sani. For the first charge, Kwawi received a two-year sentence or the option to pay a fine of N200,000. The second charge resulted in an additional two-year sentence with no option for a fine.

Furthermore, the court ordered Kwawi to pay his wife, 19-year-old Kauna Jedi, N200,000 in compensation for her medical expenses. Kwawi will also serve his sentence with hard labor at Suleja Correctional Centre.

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Prosecuting counsel Dabo Yakubu revealed that Kauna Jedi reported the brutal assault at Iddo police station on June 1. She detailed how Kwawi used a stone and cable wire to beat her, causing severe injuries.

The court found Kwawi’s actions in violation of Sections 267 and 247 of the Penal Code. Section 247 specifies that voluntary infliction of grievous hurt, barring certain exceptions, can result in up to seven years of imprisonment and fines.

This ruling underscores the serious legal consequences of domestic violence and the importance of protecting victims’ rights.