Hamster Kombat, a hit game on Telegram, is making waves with its mix of strategy and crypto excitement. In this game, players become hamster CEOs, aiming to build a top-tier crypto exchange.

Each day, players get the chance to earn big through the “daily combo promotion.” By upgrading specific items, players can win 5 million in-game coins, boosting their resources for future rewards.

To join the daily combo, go to the “Mine” tab in the game. Here, you’ll see three upgrades to focus on. Buy or level-up these upgrades to claim your prize. Today’s combo might include “CEO,” “Top 10 Global Ranking,” and “License Japan.”


Aside from the daily combo, Hamster Kombat also features a “daily cipher” challenge. Announced on June 5, this fun task involves entering a Morse code to earn 1 million free coins. The code changes daily and can be found on social media.

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To solve the daily cipher, tap the “Earn per tap” box three times on the main screen. The background will turn red, revealing the “Daily Cipher” box. Enter the day’s Morse code term, like “BTC” for Bitcoin, to get your reward.

Players can find the daily cipher code on platforms like Twitter or TikTok. Following these steps can lead to big wins and a stronger in-game economy.

Hamster Kombat isn’t just a game; it’s a blend of strategic planning and crypto fun, offering gamers and crypto fans a unique experience. Dive in and start earning today!