Veteran Nollywood actor, Chinwetalu Agu, has raised his voice against the Nigerian government’s recent decision to change the national anthem, calling it a “misplacement of priorities.” In a video shared by Voice of the East on X, the award-winning actor questioned how this change would alleviate the soaring prices of essential goods.

In the video, Agu nostalgically sang the previous national anthem before transitioning to the new one. He then pointedly asked, “This is what it’s called misplacement of priorities. Change of national anthem, what has it got to do with the increase in the price of rice, a litre of fuel, a bag of garri, a tuber of yam?”

Agu’s criticism didn’t stop at the anthem itself. He expressed his frustration with the government’s focus, exclaiming, “National anthem is now a palliative, Nigeria na better cruise. The small national anthem we dey manage, e reach your turn, you change am, why?” His rhetorical questions highlighted the disconnect between the government’s actions and the pressing needs of the populace.

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The actor, known for his candid and often humorous takes on social issues, struck a serious tone as he continued to address the hardships faced by Nigerians. “People are dying,” he pointed out, emphasizing the severe economic conditions and questioning the rationale behind prioritizing a new national anthem over more urgent issues.

Agu’s impassioned message resonated with many Nigerians who are grappling with the rising cost of living. His remarks underscore a widespread sentiment that the government’s focus should be on implementing policies that directly address economic hardships rather than symbolic changes.

As the video circulates, it has sparked a broader conversation about governmental priorities and the tangible impact of policy decisions on everyday life. Agu’s critique serves as a powerful reminder of the gap between political actions and the realities faced by the citizens, urging leaders to reconsider their focus in these challenging times.