Whitemoney, the popular Big Brother Naija reality star and singer, Hazel Oyeze Onou, recently shared a poignant story from his past, revealing how he resisted temptation during a challenging period of his life.

In an interview with Echoo Room, Whitemoney recounted his days living under a bridge in Ojuelegba, Lagos. He recalled an encounter where a wealthy married woman offered him a blank cheque in exchange for intimacy. Despite his difficult circumstances, Whitemoney stood firm in his principles and refused the offer.

“I received a blank cheque from a lady when I was living under the Ojuelegba Bridge,” he said. “She came into the store where I was learning cosmetology, and after striking up a conversation, she gave me her number. When I called her, she invited me to meet her at a hotel and then presented the blank cheque.”

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Whitemoney shared that before making the offer, the woman mistakenly sent him a photo of her family, including her five sons. This revelation humanized her and strengthened his resolve.

“She was one of those women whose husbands were often absent,” he explained. “But seeing her family photo changed everything for me. Despite the temptation, I couldn’t bring myself to compromise my values, especially knowing she was married.”

Whitemoney affirmed his personal principle, stating firmly, “I have a rule: I will never engage with a married woman.”

His story serves as a testament to his integrity and resilience during challenging times.