With the suspension of the labor unions’ industrial action, air transport operations have resumed at domestic airports across Nigeria. General Secretary of the National Union of Air Transport Employees (NUATE), Mr. Ocheme Aba, confirmed this to Vanguard, announcing the reopening of all airports.

“The strike has been suspended or, as the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has said, relaxed for one week,” Aba stated. “This window is to conclude minimum wage negotiations. All airports are now open for operations.”

Despite the resumption, the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) lamented the substantial financial impact of the strike. AON spokesperson, Professor Obiora Okonkwo, expressed the industry’s frustration over the multi-billion losses incurred due to the work stoppage.


Okonkwo noted that while airlines were not on strike, the closure of airports and the labor strike led to significant revenue losses. “I’m sure that before the end of the day, airlines will have started flying again,” he said. “Some airlines should already be boarding for flights as we speak.”

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Flights cancelled due to the strike will be rescheduled, Okonkwo confirmed. “It is a force majeure; they have to reschedule. It’s a huge price we all pay because of the strike,” he explained. “Any day we don’t fly, it’s a big minus to our revenue stream.”

The strike also had a ripple effect on airline staff, who will still receive their regular monthly pay despite the operational halt. “It’s a huge financial burden. To quantify our loss in monetary terms is significant,” Okonkwo added, hoping for a swift resolution to the wage negotiations.

As airlines work to recover from the disruption, the industry looks forward to a resolution that will prevent future strikes and stabilize operations, ensuring smoother skies ahead for both operators and passengers.