Nollywood actor Akah Nnani candidly shared that there are times when he doesn’t like his wife, Claire.

In an interview with Toke Makinwa, Akah explained that his relationship is founded on enduring love rather than fleeting emotions or infatuation. He acknowledged that there are moments when he and his wife may not be particularly fond of each other, but it is their love that sustains their relationship.

He elaborated on the complexity of love, emphasizing that it involves accepting and loving a partner’s flaws and imperfections. “People marry for the wrong reasons every time. I will say love because there are moments and certain periods of time I don’t like my wife, it has happened. And there are periods when she doesn’t like me because it is the love that keeps us.”

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Akah further added, “Love is complicated; you have to love somebody’s demons. That is why it is love,” highlighting the deep and sometimes challenging nature of true love.