Popular Nollywood actor Uzor Arukwe has described his character in Nigeria’s highest-grossing film, ‘A Tribe Called Judah,’ as the most challenging role he has ever played.

Arukwe, who portrays Chidoke, an Igbo businessman and money launderer, found the role particularly difficult because he had to meticulously adopt the Igbo accent, specifically altering the pronunciation of ‘R’s and ‘L’s to sound natural and authentic.

During a recent interactive session with fans on the social media platform X, a curious fan asked about the most challenging role he had ever played. Arukwe responded, “A Tribe Called Judah because I had to consciously replace the L word with the R word, to make it feel natural & believable.”

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Funke Akindele, the producer of the record-breaking film, praised Arukwe for his outstanding performance. Quoting his tweet, she wrote, “And you nailed it. Well done bro. Thank you too.”