Stanley Okoruwa, a Lagos-based blogger, publicly apologizes for baseless accusations against Emeka Okonkwo (E-Money) and Jennifer Awele, wife of late actor Junior Pope.

The controversy unfolded when E-Money initiated a search for two women and a man allegedly involved with Jennifer Awele.

Subsequently, Okoruwa was apprehended by Lagos State Police after E-Money filed a complaint over his offensive video.


In a reversal, Okoruwa retracted his claims, expressing remorse and clarifying his motives were driven by a desire to increase his Facebook page followers.

“I made the video to boost my page; I had no ill intent towards E-Money,” Okoruwa admitted. “I didn’t anticipate it would go viral, and I regret the escalation.”

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He continued, “None of the video content is true; I fabricated it to gain popularity and potentially meet E-Money. I sincerely apologize to E-Money for besmirching his reputation. I vow not to repeat this mistake.”

Lagos State Police spokesperson SP Benjamin Hundeyin confirmed Okoruwa’s impending prosecution for alleged defamation against E-Money.


“E-Money pursued legal channels, leading to these criminal allegations. Okoruwa will face charges,” Hundeyin affirmed.