In a decisive move to eliminate unprofessional conduct within its ranks, the Nigeria Police, Imo State Command, has taken strict action against officers engaged in misconduct. This announcement followed a viral video showing a police officer extorting money from motorists.

State Police Commissioner Aboki Danjuma, responding to the video, identified the officer involved as Inspector Isong Osudueh from the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) in Owerri. In a statement by Police Public Relations Officer ASP Henry Okoye, it was revealed that Inspector Osudueh would face demotion following an orderly room trial conducted by the police disciplinary committee. Additionally, the officer in charge of the CTU has been summoned for an official query due to lack of supervision.

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ASP Okoye emphasized the Command’s dedication to upholding professionalism, transparency, and integrity among its personnel. “The disciplinary actions against the erring officer reflect the Command’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards while effectively carrying out its lawful duties and building public trust,” he stated.


Commissioner Danjuma reiterated the Command’s zero-tolerance policy towards extortion and misconduct, warning that supervisory officers neglecting their duties would face severe consequences. “The Command under my watch will not condone any act of extortion or misconduct by its personnel,” he added, underscoring the ongoing efforts to cleanse the force of embarrassing actions by its officers.