The Anambra State Government, operating through the Ministry of Women and Social Welfare, has intervened in a case of domestic abuse in Ezinifite, Aguata local government area. Following a tip-off, the ministry swiftly responded to rescue Chidiebere Otenyi, a victim of severe mistreatment.

Expressing deep concern and anger over the situation, Commissioner Mrs. Ify Obinabo assured that the perpetrator, Mrs. Martha Umenweke, would face the full consequences of her actions. Chidiebere, hailing from Nkanu, Enugu State, recounted enduring severe punishment and starvation during her one year and four months of living with Martha.

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Shocking details emerged during the rescue, revealing that despite being 19 years old, Chidiebere was only at a primary 3 educational level, a result of her employer’s actions. Martha, in her late sixties, defended her brutal treatment by accusing Chidiebere of theft.


Complicating matters further, Martha enlisted the help of an individual named Mr. David, who assisted in restraining Chidiebere after the assault.

The case has been handed over to the police for further investigation and subsequent prosecution in the Children, Sexual, and Gender-Based Violence Magistrate Court in Awka.