Singer Okafor Echimaechi Raphael, Popularly known as MayorMike said that he has never had it better as an artist based on the response his latest single ‘Nma Nwoke’ is receiving.

The singer who released the song in February 2024, said that the response from fans has been massive and he cannot thank them enough for the support.

MayorMike said that  ‘Nma Nwoke’ is turning into a street anthem as a lot of people are accepting how he is fusing afropop and highlife to create something unique.


“These days, it is about the vibe and people are loving it. I have never had it better and this is how you want to feel when you release a song”

“It is a good feeling and I appreciate everyone behind this success. We will keep pushing because we know where we’re heading to in the music industry”, he said.

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Also known as Mayor of Owerri, the singer said that the song is a ‘feel good’ song and something that can easily motivate one’s dancing steps.

With previous singles like ‘Samankwe’, ‘Obago’, ‘Grace’, ‘Akanchawa’ and ‘Chukwu Afo Oma’, he said he is on his way to creating something special in the music industry.


“People don’t always understand your style of music, until it is everywhere. I’m doing what I love and the way I love it and there is no quitting for me, because already music has given me a whole lot”, he said.

MayorMike who is the brand ambassador of a number of organizations, in february,renewed his Ambassadorial deal with Ice Club and Bar Owerri.

He received a cheque five million naira and was seen on stage with it, in a video he shared on Facebook.