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“I Charge Millions Of Naira Per Advert I Make “, Skit Maker, Ashmusy Reacts To Sugar Daddy Rumours


Popular skit maker and brand influencer, Amarachi Amusi better known as Ashmusy has reacted to linked sugar daddy rumours about her.

This is coming days after she acquired a brand new Range Rover Vella and rumours went round that it was her sugar daddy who got it for her and he was the one behind her source of income and wealth.

Reacting to the rumours about her via her insta story, Ashmusy said that she makes her money through influencing stating that she charges
millions of naira per advert she makes on her social media pages.


She wrote;

“I am seeing a lot of people saying they are waiting for blogs to post the man that got me the car 😂”.

“Una go wait dear … because that man is very non _existent !”.

“Na me go give the man money 😚”.


“Are they not aware that some influencers earn 50 million and more in a month?”.

“Not to talk of an influencer that also has a big active buisness”.

“Kaii, ignorance choke oo 😂😂”.

“You have not heard about what Facebook and YouTube pays? or you think i charge 20k per advert?”.

“I charge in millions for my adverts sweeties, and i post a lot of adverts”.


“So do the math 😘”.

“Every single thing i have fully funded is by me “.

“Unfortunately, i cannot relate having a sugar daddy or sponsor”.

“Sometimes, I wish I have make i dey rest😩”.

“E dey pain me sef na my money!!”.

“I won’t say anything again “.

“All i will say is go and hustle dear and stop building lies about every successful person to make you broke self”.

“Feel better and stop consoling yourself”.

“Go and hustle!”.