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Nigerians react as Mr. Sabinus slams Peak and Gala Company

Friesland Foods Wamco Nigeria (Peak milk) and UAC Food LTD (Gala) were today sued by a Nigerian comedian Chukwuemeka Emmanuel popularly known as Mr. Sabinus for use of intellectual properties, being his slogan “something hooge” and a meme of him.

Mr. Sabinus made this known early hours of today through his legal team, who called out these companies on a video seen online and demanded a sum of 1Billion and 100Million respectively as compensation to their client.

Nigerians’ reacting to this update have varying opinions as some are on the same page with the comedian for suing the companies while he gets fired by others asking if he trademarked the name.


“How much did Sabinus pay Asari Dokubo for using his voice over “You are a Mumu Man” “this man” and all of us for using ”how’s Family” before suing Peak milk for using the line “something “hooge”

While other views on the matter read,

“Sabinus suing peak Milk and Gala will forever remain funny to me… he’s not the first person to use the phrase “something hooge” and also, the cartoon on the new gala ad didn’t look like him. Sabinus didn’t stand a chance to win this, he should’ve just requested a partnership”

“Sabinus should not go to court! He should use a gentlemanly approach. A rapport will grow between him & Peak Milk!”


“One day I saw copies of my copyright book in the streets! Whereas I said: Pls call before using any part of the book. They later called me and everything gets fine😁”

“Sabinus has every right to sue peak Milk and Gala company for making use of his idea and cartoon image respectively, most of y’all asking if he trademarks the name are hypocrites, how do you feel when someone is making use of ur ideas to enrich themselves without giving u a dime?”

“Even after Lawyers have explained that he (Sabinus) has enough legal grounds to sue. You as per influencer still dey argue as per ” I nor fit lie for you.I bet most of y’all will not say the same if it was a foreign celeb or you personally”

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