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A Certain Woman, NDIDI DIOGU, From Eziama Community In Isiala Mbano LGA And With Telephone Number +234 813 755 7367 Has Threatened To Kill Popular Sociopolitical Crusader In Imo State, Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha.

Few Days Ago, A Complaint From Members Of The Onyenawuli Family Of Eziama Community Reached The Human Rights Activist That The First Son Of The Family Had Usurped And Seized All The Family Properties, Including Lands, Leaving Nothing For His Siblings. The Name Of The First Son Is Mr Peter Onyenawuli. The Said Peter, Aged About 70, Has Not Only Seized All The Properties, But Has Been Busy Selling Off Family Lands And Pocketing The Proceeds All Alone, Leaving His Four Other Brothers Dry And Stranded, Due To The Fact They Live Outside Imo State, Unlike The Elder Brother, Who Lives In The Village In Eziama Community. His Four Brothers Are,


Innocent Onyenawuli
Samuel Onyenawuli
Chijoke Onyenawuli
Emman Onyenawuli.

The Last Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back Was The Last Of The Lands Whic
h Peter Onyenawuli Clandestinely And Supposedly Sold To One Lady, NDIDI DIOGU, Who Claims To Be A Contractor And Alleged Lawyer.

Early This Year 2021, When The Second Son, Innocent Onyenawuli, Discovered That The First Son, Peter Onyenawuli, Was About Selling Off The Remaining Landed Property Of The Family To The Contractor Lady, Ndidi Diobi, He Quickly Alerted His Other Brothers, Who All Returned Home. Unfortunately, The First Son, Peter Onyenawuli, Used His Children, Among Whom Was An Alleged Dismissed Soldier, Ndubuisi Onyenawuli, Who Reportedly Stormed The Village With Soldiers And Violently Beat-up His Uncles (His Father’s Younger Brothers), Inflicting Bodily Harm On Them, Which Later Reportedly Resulted To The Death Of The Second Son, Innocent Onyenawuli, Who Died Ten Days Ago, After Spending Many Months In Several Hospitals.

With The Death Of The Second Son, Innocent Onyenawuli, Palpable Fear Gripped The Other Brothers, As The First Son, Peter Onyenawuli And His Children, Especially,


His Dismissed Soldier Son, Ndubuisi Onyenawuli, Have Continued To Threaten Them.

In Search For Solution To The Continued Threat To Their Lives By Peter Onyenawuli And His Children, The Remaining Brothers, Namely, Samuel Onyenawuli, Chijoke Onyenawuli And Emman Onyenawuli, Were Directed To Foremost Sociopolitical Crusader And Activist, Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha, In Owerri, The Imo State Capital. And They Did, Few Days Ago.

Meanwhile, The Eziama Community Town Union Leadership Had Waded Into The Matter………… After Looking Into The Matter, THE JUDICIAL DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE OF EZEANYIKE EZIAMA AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITY Submitted Its Report, Dated 8Th May 2021, Wherein It Was Decided That Peter Onyenawuli Should Allow His Brothers Take Possession Of The Remaining Land Of The Family, Since He, Peter Onyenawuli, Had Sold Large Portions Of Family Land And Pocketed The Proceeds, Without Sharing Same With His Brothers… Peter Onyenawuli And His Children Were Uncomfortable With The Decision O

f The Disciplinary Committee, So They Brought In A Certain Woman, Ndidi Diobi, Claiming That The Remaining Land In Question Had Already Been Sold To Her…….. Since Then, The Community Has Constantly Witnessed Heightened Tension, As A Result Of Reported Threats From Peter Onyenawuli And His Children On One Hand, And The Woman, Ndidi Diobi, On The Other Hand.

Nevertheless, Armed With Information, Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha Decided To Wade Into The Matter. Consequently, He Called Peter Onyenawuli Today (29/10/2021) On Phone At About 3:42 PM. But Peter Onyenawuli’s Phone Was Tripping Off And On, Due To Low Battery, So He Pleaded With Citizen Samuelson To Allow Him Charge His Phone And That He Would Call Back Later. He Never Did.


Also, Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha Called The Woman, Who Supposedly Bought The Land, Ndidi Diobi, And Introduced Himself. He Informed Her Of A Complaint From The Family Of Onyenawuli Of Eziama Community In Isiala Mbano LGA Of Imo State, Concerning A

Piece Of Land Which She Supposedly Bought Without The Consent Of The Entire Family.

She Quickly Cut The Activist Short, Saying The Land Matter In Question Was A Civil Case And That Samuelson Iwuoha Has No Business Getting Involved In The Matter. The Telephone Discussion Ended Abruptly, With The Woman Shouting On Her Voice On The Phone, “I WILL SHOW YOU WHO I AM”. Shockingly, Ndidi Diobi Called The First Son Of Peter Onyenawuli, Ndubuisi, The Supposed Soldier And Reported The Conversation She Had With The Activist….. Minutes Later, Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Received A Threat Through Telephone Call ( +234 810 150 7020 ) From Ndubuisi Onyenawuli Who Said He Is A Soldier (But Information Available Indicates He Was Dismissed From The Nigerian Army) And That The Said Ndidi Diobi Reported (Citizen Samuelson) To Him. Thereafter, He, Ndubuisi Onyenawuli Threatened On Phone To Kill The Activist, And The Death Threat Was Recorded. He Also Confirmed He Is The Son Of Peter Onyen

awuli And That Nobody Has Ever Stayed Alive After Daring His Family.

Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha Has Therefore Taken This Threat To His Life Seriously, And Has Decided To Alert Appropriate Authorities And The Public Of This Development.

More Details On The Matter To Be Made Public.


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