GoTuff to Tuff Society: LMG returns with extraordinary shoot and style | @itsLMG

Rapper Owudiwe Regis aka LMG should certainly have something with the word ‘bottle’ having had it in two of his last three singles.

The always controversial rapper has moved his creativity to yet another level with the release of his first single in 2017 which was accompanied by a funny but creative photo-shoot.

LMG had earlier done ‘One Bottle’ with Ruff Coin while on the former name of his outfit, ‘GoTuff’ but his return has seen the outfit change to ‘Tuff Society’ with the single ‘Bottle Us’.

‘Bottle Us’ took the usual rhythmic nature of the rapper’s songs with a fuse of some comic flows that is usually seen in all his jolly tracks.

Jiggy as he is fondly called, has so far shown that it is not over for him and that once a soldier in the game is always a soldier.  He has proven that the oil that inspired his debut single ‘Mbo’ and then the famous ‘One Bottle’ with Ruff Coin Nwaba is not finished.

To show he still has more to come, the rapper said that “this is just a sample of further commercial havoc” in response to comments and appreciations from friends and fans.

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