Imo artistes slam Uche Ogbuagu over statement on gov. Okorocha

Artistes around Imo State have reacted to what the former Chief Comedian of Government House Owerri, Hon. Uche Ogbuagu said recently against his former boss, Imo State governor, Owello Rochas Okorocha.
While they all agreed that Hon Ogbuagu was right to say that the present government has no regard for artistes in the state, a section of the artistes said Hon Ogbuagu is just another politician seeking for attention and sympathy for his next ambition.

Hon. Ugbuagu said that the governor has neglected the abundant talents in the entertainment industry of the state, preferring to patronize entertainers outside the state.
The artistes who chose to remain anonymous said Hon. Ogbuagu is a disgrace, telling him to go back to back to drawing board if his achievement for the offices he held under the ruling Rescue Mission were just everything he mentioned in just one sentence.

“For someone like him who has been there since I was a kid, we looked up to him for change, but he didn’t; all he can do is put down just a sentence of two lines as his achievements for more than two years. He is the same with the man he is condemning.

Maybe he was referring to the wedding ceremony of the governor’s daughter where he was not used as the MC despite his position then as the Chief Comedian of the Government House”
Another said “For him to tell the public that the governor could not help him when his mother was sick is a shame. He is just saying that if the governor had helped him, he would still be working with them. At the moment he is seeking attention from Okorocha’s oppositions and only a fool will hire a chameleon like him”

Hon Uche Ogbuagu enumerated the following as his achievement; Imo State entertainment summit, first ever organized Imo Alive, creation of Imo Bongo Square, the Imo Artistes Insurance Scheme, the co-hosting of Nigeria Diva, the unification of all diverse associations of Nigeria film practitioners and other genres of comedy, Imo show of fame, held in Manchester, California, Texas and the UK.

But it will be noted that Imo Talent Centre (Bongo Square) had been in existence and was previous managed by Hon. Emma Duru before Hon. Ogbuagu took over as Director General of the centre last year.

Artistes however questioned the existence of Imo Artistes Insurance Scheme and the unity he brought when he is reportedly part of a faction of PMAN in the state.
“It’s always a shame that people come out and say what they like because they have the platform to do so. He has done more harm than good to the state’ entertainment industry and the best thing for him is to go back to Aba where he started. No sane artiste would want to deal with him again.

He said he united comedians in the state; I dare him to tell the public the name of their association and make public the names of the members of such association. He is such a liar.
The governor has done his thing his ways, acting like none of us exist, but we don’t need someone like Oguagu to fight for us. He is fighting for himself”

Several calls on the present government to appoint an SA on Entertainment has fallen on deaf ears, while several other offices have been created with people appointed to head them.
Artistes are all watching and waiting for 2015 when someone would want to throw quick money around to buy them over.

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