Real Estate: What You Need to Know About Atlantic Courtyard


Atlantic Courtyard, an estate introduced by EUC Homes limited is located in Okun Ajah of lagos state, around a riverside area where one can stand at the edge of the ocean, smelling that salty and briny sea breeze.

The land which is selling at 25 million Naira actual price with its title as global C of O also has payment plan of 28 million naira for 3 months, 31 million naira for 6 months and 34 million naira for 12 months respectively.

The product is an imperishable asset, ever-increasing with fantastic features like a good road network, perimeter fencing, good drainage, secured and gated environment, excellent landscape and view.


It is an estate with close proximity to Atlantic beach, Santacruz beach, Atican beach estate, Barracuda beach and among others.

Amongst other products, Atlantic courtyard is something good for our existing clients who values privacy and security, also want to keep expanding as well as prospective buyers who are looking for a reliable platform that will make them land owners.

The estate is an asset which can be thought of as something that in the future can generate cash flow and high in appreciation rate that no other land can beat.

Presently, EUC Homes is carrying out site supervision every day aside from Sundays with hotlines listed as:



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