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Impossible to legalise same sex marriage now we are at war – Zelensky

Ukraine has now given the green light for the legalisation of same-sex civil partnerships in the country.

Ukrainian Prezident, Volodymyr Zelensky spoke in response to a petition calling for same-sex marriage to be made legal in the country.

However, the President said it would be impossible to embark on the process of legalising same sex marriage at this point when the country is at war.

He noted that doing so now will violate the country’s constitution, explaining that “marriage is based on the free consent of a woman and a man” as stated in the (Article 51),” of the country’s constitution.

According to the Ukraine presidency website, as reported by CNN, Zelensky said that “The Constitution of Ukraine cannot be changed during a martial law or a state of emergency,” as enshrined in Article 157 of the Constitution.

However, the President said he would work with his ministers to “ensure the rights and freedoms…” of all Ukrainians despite the obstacles

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