Menstrual education : Parents and schools should normalize educating the males, Chinedu Hardy Nwadike


The Ceo of Otowngist media and entertainment Mr. Chinedu Hardy Nwadike has sent a message to parents and schools concerning menstrual issues.

Hardy who wrote on Facebook concerning menstrual education, urged parents, and schools to make teachings on menstrual issues a lesson for both sexes.

He stated that talking about menstrual discomfort seems an abomination to girls as they shy away from such talks with the opposite sex.


Chinedu added that benefits of such teaching can`t be overemphasized as menstrual issues should be taught to both genders.

“I think parents and even schools should normalize giving males a bit of menstrual education 😍 ♥

Menstrual issues are often seen as abominations and because of this ladies tend to suffer in shame when the cramps, heavy flow, or even sudden flows come.

Men should confidently buy pads and fix them, the same way they do for condoms, I think there’s nothing wrong with it.

Men should also be taught these things, the same way we teach females how to use condoms.

Women should be encouraged with a bit of care in this temporary trying time to help them through the pains, stigma, and even depression that come with it. 👌 😊

I say this because you’ll never know who will be a single father tomorrow or who will be with a sick and menstruating daughter, girlfriend, or wife… Then you’ll start running kitikiti and katakata as if the world wants to come to an end 😂 😂 😂

Some stunning secrets are stepping up to help with some chores, consolation, massage on the waist and even dabbing warm water around the waist to fool the cramp. This is for premium men”.

I’ve gotten my education, and still learning more.

Get yours. ☺ ☺

Have a lovely day.

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