Food vendor stabs jealous boyfriend over N500 in Ondo


Police operatives from Ondo Town’s Enu-Owa Police Division have nabbed a 39-year-old food vendor, for stabbing her ex-boyfriend following a struggle over N500.

When they got into a quarrel at Iyalaje market in Ondo, the suspect, Seun Sola, was said to have allegedly stabbed the victim in the stomach with a knife.

According to a police source, the victim, Lomi Alara Akinbinu, and the suspect, who is a single mother, were lovers until their relationship went sour.


Lomi was said to have gone to Sola’s house but met her talking to her new partner, which irritated him.

Lomi, who was reportedly enraged by the conduct, demanded that the suspect accompany him home, but she declined.

As a result, he demanded that she return the 500 naira he had earlier given her children for food.

“My ex-boyfriend came to my house in the afternoon and gave my twins five hundred naira for feeding,” the suspect, Seun Sola, stated.


She added “In the evening, he returned to my house and stated that he would stay the night at my house. But I told him that I was no longer interested in him. Then he demanded the money he had given my twins. And I instantly handed over the cash. He suddenly began to beat me.

“He hit me because he met my current boyfriend with me when he came to my place. He became enraged and began to beat me.

“So, when I realized he had overpowered me, I stabbed him in the stomach with a knife,” she explained.

The victim was taken to the Trauma Centre for treatment, while the suspect was apprehended and charged in court, according to the police.

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