Facebook influencer frowns at Nollywood Costuming “What is this”


An Owerri social media influencer identified as Chizzy Wizzy has taken to his Facebook page to frown at  Nollywood and their producers due to bad costuming in a particular movie.

Mr. Chizzy posting on his Facebook page asked “warris this” showing pictures of some known Nollywood characters costumed in a not very professional way.

In the post, he showed pictures of Nollywood characters like Zubby Michael and how they were badly costumed depicting they were elderly people in the role.


People reacted to the post, to show how embarrassed they were with the said movie and refused to watch it as a result of the poor costuming.

Florence Onyedikachi wrote,

”They would have used the normal spray. How much kwanu… Mtchew I quickly tuned to another channel last night. I don’t know if this is garri or powder”

Another Facebook user added that she couldn’t watch the movie last night as a result of the annoying costume.


”I couldn’t watch this nonsense last night …e be like those dramas we dey act for secondary school those days ..Nollywood zukwanuike”

A Facebook user who was of a different opinion said the movie was indeed a masterpiece except for the bad costuming, but advised people to leave the costume and grab the message.

”Forget the makeup the movie is indeed a good one for youngsters”

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