Emma Duru is fake and a clout chaser,Achara Man decries


Owerri’s social media space is on fire as two social media personalities well known in the state are bashing each other through their Facebook page.

An Owerri-based artist and singer popularly known as Achara Man, took to his Facebook page to bash an Owerri-born but Canadian-based businessman identified as Emma Duru.

In his post, Acharaman who currently goes by the name DE JEWEL said Emma Duru is fake and a clout chaser, he further wrote that the 70 years old man who claims to be a philanthropist with a 1k giveaway stunt, is nothing but a fake man.


“When I tell you, people, that Emma Duru is fake and a clout chaser you probably think am talking trash, The 70 years old man that is in Canada forming a philanthropist with his 1k giveaway stunt, is nothing but a fake man”

Explaining his grievances, De Jewel stated that Emma Duru promised an Owerri-based social media influencer known as Maazi Pondis a shoe and had to go on a live video to show the world he is getting a shoe for him.

He posited that since they are friends, he should have made use of his Dm, instead of bringing it to social media for all to see.

“Why will he go on Facebook live video to tell the world that he was going to buy a shoe for Mazi Jude Pondis? Something that he would have gone to his inbox and privately call him. Why come to tell the world about it. As if he will use the shoe and match into greatness.”


De Jewel furthering, also noted that there are people in Owerri who have done more than humanity requires and no one knows about it.

“Ordinary shoe you go on live video. Do you know how many people here in Owerri are helping people without mentioning their names?

“Why not even send him money privately to him buy the shoe himself here in Nigeria? As he will not be the one to clear the shoe himself when the said shoe gets to Nigeria? Emma Duru is broke mofoka, Why the yeye live video to announce the madness? And so many of you here are praising him up and down. Because you don’t know that old man is a clout chaser. Let him show you his inbox to see if I have begged him for money before? Fake man”

The Canadian-based, Imo-born businessman who was a one-time SSA to the governor on youth affairs, Emma Duru replying to the argument said Achara man is senseless and was using his name to catch fun.

” Acharaman I never knew you are senseless, check all the posts you have made for the past one month none are more than 30 comments, bringing my name to ur timeline gave u more than 200 comments in less than 1hr, guy keeps it up at list with me u can get traffic to ur wall. congratulations oga”


Achara man who couldn`t bear the brunt of the reply had to tender his reply and this is what he has to say,

” You are the senseless one. you feel you are untouchable right? I have given much time before now. I heard all you said about me at my back. I have all the nonsense you talk at my back. I have everything with me. this is just the beginning you are in for one almighty mess. you know I have not asked you for money or anything assistance before. you think am one of those people who bow to you”

Another Facebook user who is an Owerri known realtor by the name Confi Chiedozie has taken to the comment section to advise that the artist meet with the Canadian businessman and talk things out, as she sees people hiding under the comment section to spew hate.

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