Social media validation has ruined some of you, Facebook user replies fans bashing Genevive


A Facebook user identified as Kelvin Childs has replied to social media users who are firing Genevive Nnaji for not attending Rita Dominic`s traditional marriage.

The traditional marriage which was held yesterday in Imo state had many Nollywood actors and actresses in attendance where Nnaji was missing in action.

This rose an uproar among fans who said Genevive is proud for not attending Rita`s traditional wedding nor congratulating her.


Attacking the bashers of Genevive Nnaji, Kelvin Childs wrote on his Facebook page:

“I don’t understand how you people will just sit in your one-room apartment and assume you know what goes on in the celebrity circle”

“Came online and kept seeing “Genevieve did not attend Rita’s wedding, Genevieve did not congratulate Rita, Genevieve is proud” blah blah blah. Instead of you being happy for the celebrant, you’re more concerned about why someone you don’t know her state of mind didn’t attend?”

Further addressing the matter he asked the bashers the last time they saw Genevive make a post on her social media handle, stating celebrities have a life outside social media.


“You people are so used to social media shenanigans that you forget there’s life outside the platform.

When was the last time you saw Genny post on social media?

“That you didn’t see her congratulate Rita on IG now means she didn’t at all? People don’t call people again or send text messages? It’s only valid as long as you’re famzin the person on social media? Give me a break!”

Kelvin in his post noted that it wasn`t only Genevive that couldn`t make it to the wedding, he made mentioned the likes of Omotola, Stephanie, etc, and asked why they weren’t bashed as well.

“She doesn’t attend her colleagues’ event?” How many have you seen Stephenie or Omotola attend but no! Let’s crucify Genny na only her wakka come!


“I didn’t see Stephanie or Omotola at the event yet no one is calling their names. If Genevieve can post a photo she took with Iyabo Ojo at an event, Iyabo oooo Then trust me Rita is golden. We don’t even know if she’s in Nigeria but hey! E no matter let’s drag her, As she no comes, the wedding didn’t spark? Rita was so sad? She came to complain to you”

According to him, social media validation has pushed everyone to make hasty decisions which are causing them a lot.

“Social media validation has ruined some of you that’s why you’ll never be satisfied even if your friends call you on your birthday, send you gifts but don’t put your photo on social media. Carrying other’s people’s matters on your big head will hinder your progress.

Question: Who exactly does she think she is?

Answer: She is exactly who she thinks she is and more.”

Credit: Facebook/Kelvin Childs

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