Reps member, Onanuga, accused of poor representation


Chairman of the House Committee on Women Affairs and Social Development, Hon. Adewunmi Onanuga, has been accused of poor representation.

A business expert, Segun Olusola, said the woman, who is representing Remo Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives in Ogun State, is performing “below the bar”.

Olusola, who is the Gbolugboye of Isara Remo, in an interview with DAILY POST, described Onanuga’s representation as being absolutely “embarrassing and ridiculous.”


According to him, the majority of elected lawmakers are in Abuja to do their biddings instead of representing the constituents that elected them to be their ears and eyes in the parliament.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) member said Remo Federal Constituency comprises Sagamu, Ikenne and Remo North Local Governments.

He, however, lamented that since the creation of the constituency in 1991, Remo North has not been allowed to represent the same at the lower chamber.

“People that go to Abuja always neglect their constituents and I believe we should be yearning for a new representation.


“Since the creation of Remo Federal Constituency in 1991, nobody from Remo North Local Government has been given the opportunity to represent the constituency. I believe this is the time for Remo North to represent the constituency at the federal level.

“If you look at the record of representation of our constituency, it is very clear to everybody that we are not efficiently represented at the federal level. It is open knowledge that we are not represented the way we should be represented.

“As a matter of fact, for the past three years, our Reps member cannot boast of a single project in some towns in our federal constituency. So, it is common knowledge and something absolutely embarrassing; because when you see what other Reps members are doing to their constituencies, you will cry and feel ashamed that you are from Remo Federal Constituency. This is just the fact, it is very ridiculous that I’m from that constituency and we cannot say certain things are being done for the past three years.”

On the claim that legislators are elected to make laws, pass motions and check the executive arm of government, Olusola maintained that “Lawmakers are not elected to make laws only; they are there to represent their constituencies; not to represent Nigeria, not to represent Ogun State, but Remo Federal Constituency.”

He said the responsibility of a lawmaker is “to garner supports, garner infrastructure and encourage the development of his constituents.”


He added that “One of those things they should be doing is to do oversight functions of the executive at your federal constituency. That’s why I said some members go there to do their biddings, not necessarily what their constituents want.

“If this our current lawmaker is doing what is expected, she must be seen coming home, giving us feedbacks, giving us information on bills/motions passed and all activities she engaged in for the betterment of Remo constituency.”

In the area of empowerment, the University of Liverpool MSc graduate stated that he could not remember any empowerment programme for the female lawmaker.

“It is the responsibility of a representative to empower his constituents. I can’t remember the last time an empowerment programme is done. Our youths are not being employed in any federal establishment. That’s what a representative should be doing to develop his or her constituents.

“It will shock you to know that one of our towns has not had power supply for over 26 years. What is our Rep member doing about it? This is not acceptable in terms of our representation. It is below bar, it’s nothing to reckon with.”

Olusola, who is from Remo North LG said it is time for the youth to get involved, asking all well-meaning Nigerians not to leave politics to people with questionable characters.

He urged the younger generation to desist from criminal acts like ritual killings and others.

The Ogun East indigene expressed confidence that the APC would win the 2023 general elections, regardless of what might happen over the party’s presidential primary election.

Onanuga could not be immediately reached as her phone was switched off at the time of filing this report.

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