Plagiarism: Fans Bash Chief Imo For Copying Fada Oluoma’s Post


Nollywood comic actor Oriaku Longinus aka Chief Imo has come under fire for copying a Facebook article initially written by Rev. Fr. John Chinenye Oluoma popularly known as Fada Oluoma.

Chief Imo posted the copied content as he was trying to lend his voice to the death of gospel singer Mrs. Osinachi Nwachukwu, but failed to acknowledge the initial writer, saying that God Instructed him to copy the post.


“the message is passed that’s important thing and not who wrote but who had [SIC] about it and make [SIC] a good turn… Rev. Fr. Wrote but God instructed… who is God… our father”, who wrote while replying to a comment that instructed him to acknowledge the author of the content.

“na wao! too bad, were you there when god /devil instructed him? that’s pure arrogance. but when people use your pictures on billboards (obviously to get crowds to their crusade) without informing you, you get furious, forgetting that god instructed them to do so, so as to win souls for him which is the most important thing. honestly, i feel weak for we christians.”, a user by the name Nzelu Eve Ebubedike asked him.

After much pressure, Chief Imo added “I copied from our spiritual father”, failing to still mention the name of the author of the content.

The Nollywood actor who is also a gospel singer was bashed for the level of hypocrisy he was exhibiting as many questioned if it would be okay for him to see his picture on a billboard without his consent.


The post has so far divided his fans as many say that the addition of “I copied from our spiritual father” is enough acknowledgment for the author, while others say that there are many spiritual fathers, calling on him to mention the particular one he copied from.

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