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Politicians should be held accountable on Twitter, says civic group

A civic rights group, Spaces for Change, on Friday noted that politicians should be held accountable on Twitter.

Executive Director of S4C, Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri, made this known in a statement titled, ‘End this Twitter-phobia. Be Accountable.’

The statement was a reaction to the decision of the Federal Government to lift the Twitter ban in Nigeria after a 222-day suspension.

The Federal Government had suspended Twitter operations in the country on June 5, 2021.

However, an official statement on Wednesday revealed that the suspension has been lifted.

Reacting to the new decision, Ibezim-Ohaeri stated that since the ban was lifted at a time where elections were fast approaching, politicians should be accountable on Twitter.

She said, “Lifting the ban at a time the political temperature is heating up is fueling the perception that unbanning Twitter may not be unconnected to heavy campaigns scheduled ahead of 2023 elections.

After winning elections following intense campaigns on social media, politicians develop ‘Twitter-phobia’, and strive to destroy the very bridge they used to climb to power.

“Those who use Twitter for political campaigns must not be afraid of being held to account on Twitter.

“While urging civic actors not to relent in holding political leaders accountable, S4C sympathizes with every Nigerian who experienced social and economic losses as a result of the ban.

“We call on the Nigerian authorities to ensure the civic space remains open and free before, during and after the elections.”

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