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I can take on the rest the industry, rapper Janexmara speaks on talent and confidence

by OtownGist

Nigerian rapper and singer Amarachi Jane Ibe popularly known as Janexmara has revealed that she has what it takes to take on the rest of the industry in the country and even beyond.

Janexmara who has enjoyed a good time in the industry said that there a lots of people doing music and it is often difficult to differentiate between the real artists and the pretenders.

She said that some people are in music for the ‘hobby and fun sake’; while others are in it because there is nothing else they can do with their lives.

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“Music to me is something that I can refer to as everything. It is a world away from the world for me”

“Music helps me hide, helps me find myself, helps the world see me and will surely be the thing that will make the world see me”, she said.

Janexmara who is presently a student of Ebonyi State University further stated that one thing that differentiates a real artist from the pretenders is their share-will to succeed.

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“It is confidence for me and at this point I believe I can take on the rest of the industry. I have the talent and confidence to back it up and I just need a few more things to fall in place and that will be boom for me”

Officially, Janexmara has three singles, ‘Like That’, ‘Omoge’ and ‘Unapologetic’, where she has demonstrated her quality as a rapper and singer.

According to her, the next thing is to have a quality plan for 2022 so it does not come by surprise. 


“2021 is almost gone, although there can still be a miracle, but the most important thing for every serious person is to start making plans for 2020”

“A lot will be changing next year and that is how dynamic the industry is but the truth is someone has to create the new style and all we have to do is see who it is going to be”, she said.

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