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Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

Despite Political Differences, Comrade Collins Opuruzor (The PDP Social Media Spokesperson) Is My Friend And Brother. So My Pen Will Be Lenient On Him, But Not Next Time. Nevertheless, His Article With The Above Caption Is To Say The Least, Very Unpatriotic, Un-Imolike And Indeed, Serving The Selfish Interest Of The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.


Imo State Is Presently Mourning The Destruction Of Lives And Properties In Izombe Community Of Oguta Local Government Area, Occasioned By The Conflict And Misunderstanding Between Soldiers And Some Izombe Youths Who Are Believed To Be Involved In Banditry And Oil Bunkering Business.

One Had Expected The Imo PDP To Join The Rest Of Ndimo To Mourn And Condemn The Destruction Of Lives And Properties, But Unfortunately, The Party Through Its Social Media Spokesperson, Collins Opuruzor, Resorted To Dancing And Urinating On The Graves Of Imo Sons And Daughters Who Died In The Izombe Crisis. O Yes, The PDP Drank The Blood Of Soldiers Who Also Died In The Ensued Cri


It Should Be Recalled That When The Izombe Crisis Erupted On The 8th And Continued On The 9th Of October 2021, Governor Hope Uzodinma, Who Was On Official Duty In Abuja, Called On The Military (Soldiers) To Sheathe Their Swords And Allow The Innocents To Enjoy Their Peace, While The State Government Intervened. Not Done, Governor Uzodinma Followed It Up By Cutting Short His Official Visit To Abuja And Rushed Down Home To Bring The Situation Under Control. This The Governor Did By Having An Interaction With Traditional Rulers And The Good People Of Izombe Community. His Excellency Admonished The Youths From Taking To Arms As A Means Of Livelihood, Let Alone Attacking Constituted Authorities.

Although It Is Sad That Innocent Sons And Daughters In Izombe Community Had To Bear The Consequences That Arose From The Crisis, Governor Hope Uzodinma Has Called On Leaders In The Community To Assist Government In Flushing Out Criminal Elements, As Well As Working Towards Total And Permanent Restoration Of Peace, Law And Order In Izombe Community.

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Clearly, A Governor Who Practically Took Steps To Restore Peace, Law And Order In Izombe Community Should Be Commended By All And Sundry, Irrespective Of Political Party Affiliation. But Not The PDP, A Party Known For Its “Sincerity Of Deceit And Falsehood”. It Is Very Unfortunate That The PDP Has Failed And Continuously Refused To Play Its Role As The Main Opposition Party In The State. Rather, It Has Chosen To Spread Hate And Enmity In The State, Through Reckless Social Media, Electronic Media And Print Media Propaganda. This Is Very Unbecoming Of A Socalled Opposition Political Party. Tufiakwa.

Opposition Is The Beauty Of Democracy. I Have Severally Propounded This Issue In My Many Published Articles. Opposition Is What Makes A Sitting Government To Be On Its Toes. This Is Because Without The Opposition, A Government May Be Going In Opposite Direction, Contrary To The Basic Expectations Of The Governed. This Therefore Makes The Opposition A Major Tool And

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Or Ingredient In The Democratic Governance Of A Given System. Shamefully, The PDP Has Woefully Failed To Perform This Basic Primary Function Of Putting The Government On Its Toes. What We Rather Have Are Political Opportunists Masquerading As PDP Leaders Who Have Failed To Proffer Alternative Initiatives And Options For The Development Of Imo State. These Political Opportunists In PDP Are Regrettably Using Comrade Collins Opuruzor As War-Head, While Shielding Their Own Children From The Political Hazards, But Will Be Quick To Appoint Them (Their Children) In Political Positions Whenever Opportunity Calls, While Leaving The Likes Of Collins Opuruzor To Their Fate. I Don’t Tell Lies. This Is What The Imo PDP With Clannish Leadership Style Does.

The Battle Line Is Now Drawn : Governor Hope Uzodinma Has Set The Ball Rolling By Giving Indication To Constitute A “Bilateral Committee That Would Comprise Of Government Officials And The Leadership Of The Izombe Community To Investigate The Cause Of The Mayhem

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And Fashion Modalities To Commence The Rebuild Izombe Project And Offer Compensation To The Affected Homes”. I Am Therefore Throwing A Challenge To These Political Operatives Parading As PDP Leaders To Offer Compensation To Affected Homes And Families In Izombe Community, As Well. Since Collins Opuruzor And These PDP Leaders Are Claiming To Love The People Of Izombe Community More Than The Imo State Government, They Should Demonstrate This Love By Making Financial Donations And Indeed, Rebuild Some Of The Destroyed Properties In The Community.

Hope Uzodinma Has Not Only Pledged To Rebuild Izombe Community And Offer Compensation To Affected Homes And Families, He Is Currently Reaching Out To Wealthy Imo Citizens, Oil Servicing Companies And Other Corporate Organizations With Business Interest In The State To Respond To The Clarion Call Of “Onurube Nwanne Agbakwala Oso” Strategy And Rebuilding Izombe Community Through Community And Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Unfortunately, The PDP Has Nothing

To Offer Izombe Community……………. While The State Government And Concerned Citizens Of Imo State Have Visited Izombe Community To Condole Them Over The Loss Of Lives And Properties, The PDP Has Yet To Visit The Community To Condole Them. Rather, It Has Only Been Shedding Crocodile Tears On Social Media, Through Collins Opuruzor, Without Providing Any Palliative. What A Shame.

When Almighty God Gave King Solomon A Blank Cheque To Ask For Anything From Him, King Solomon Simply Asked For Wisdom. In 1 Kings Chapter 3 Verse 9, King Solomon Responded Thus, “Give Therefore Thy Servant An Understanding ❤️ Heart To Judge The People, That I May Discern Between Good And Bad ; For Who Is Able To Judge This Thy So Great A People? The Point I Am Making Is That Imo PDP And Its Leaders And Officials Lack Wisdom, And Have Refused To Acknowledge It; Hence They Have Continued To Wallow In Political Deceit, Propaganda And Falsehood On Issues That Affect Imo Citizens Their Welfare And Development………… The Izom


be Mayhem Is A Very Clear Evidence.

While The Imo PDP And Its Clannish Leadership Have Continued To Instigate Crisis Across The State, Including Dancing On The Graves Of Our Sons And Daughters Who Died In The Izombe Crisis, Governor Hope Uzodinma Has Demonstrated Leadership, Fatherly Love And Responsibility In Managing The Conflicts, As Shown In The Way And Manner He Handled The Izombe Crisis. According To Hope Uzodinma, “We Shall Not Allow A Repetition Of This And It Can Only Be Achieved By Our Collective Efforts. Umunnem Na Umunnam Ndi Izombe, I Grieve With You. It Remains Unfortunate For The Lives Lost, Which Cannot Be Restored Back, But Be Rest Assured That We Are In This Together, And We Would Get Over This, To The Glory Of Almighty God. Biko Nu, Ozoemena”. Unquote.

Is This Not The Mark Of A Leader?

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