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I don’t let go of friends easily, says Saga on Nini

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Adeoluwa Okusaga, known widely as Saga, was a housemate in the recently concluded Big Brother Naija Season 6 reality show.

In this encounter, he shared his experience in the house, while debunking the impression people had, that he was crazily in love with Nini, a co-housemate. Read on:

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Saga, welcome back from your adventure in the house, can you briefly sum up what your adventure in the house was like?

I don’t know where to start. I like the word adventure because that’s exactly what describes the last two to three months of my life. I would describe this adventure as one that was very interesting, fun-filled, unpredictable, challenging but at the same time ultimately exciting. I have had the opportunity to see life from different perspectives, largely from the life and times of my friends in the house. I will not be wrong if I say to you that this “adventure” has changed my life forever.

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Did you ever think you would have been evicted from the house, considering you were a strong contestant?

(Laughs) Of course, I thought of it. Every single time I was up for eviction, I thought of it as the last one. I was always prepared to be evicted. To be very honest, I went into the house not really expecting to make it as far as I did. Every week brought with it a lot of trepidation. Sometimes, I enjoyed the thrill and at other times, the suspense was like I was at the gallows with a noose around my neck, expecting the chair to be kicked out from under me. Again, all part of the adventure.

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How did your eviction from the house hit you?

I wouldn’t say that it hit me. Like I said earlier, for every eviction Sunday that I was up, I saw it as my last time in the house. By the ninth week, I had made peace in my mind that whether I made it to the finale or not, there was only one week between my exit and my reunion with the finalists. Let me digress a little: “what did you people do to Messi to make him leave Camp Nou? Ah!”

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While in the house, you were seemingly head over heels in love with Nini, were you genuinely in love with her?

Depends on what you mean by love. It’s a word that I’m very careful with.


Why do you think she kept on mentioning she had a boyfriend?

Between Nini and I, she didn’t need to keep mentioning that she had a boyfriend. Maybe she was having that conversation with other housemates under different circumstances but between her and I, we had that unspoken understanding that she had a boyfriend outside the house. I am pretty sure that I never did anything that made her have to “constantly remind me” that she had a boyfriend outside.

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A lot of fans got divided over your dying love for Nini, despite her telling you that she had a boyfriend, why was it hard to let go?

Uhm! I don’t seem to understand the context in which you say “let go”. Nini was my friend in the house and she is my friend outside the house. I don’t let go of friends easily. It’s one of the core tenets of life that I hold on to.

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Did you think she was going to change her mind and consider you?

Do you mean if she would have decided to date me? We never had that conversation and so I never thought about it.

Now that both of you have been evicted, what happens to your love for her?

Remember, love is a strong word. We are still friends.

A few days to your eviction, Nini was asked by Big Brother to go missing for a day, it seemed her disappearance hit you so hard, right?

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Yup, it did for a while because it was a trigger of some bad memories for me. It eventually became clear that she was on a task and it wasn’t so bad.

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