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I’m Nigeria’s Wiz Khalifa – Afrobeat singer, Fabulous IceKid

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It all started with a band we formed with my friends back in secondary school. We called the band Rock Boys Nations. Whenever we had breaks in school, we would gather together to try and make music. We had this program we used to do back then every Wednesday, and we just did all we could to make people know we could actually do music and people accepted us.


Yes, I have done some collaborations. It is actually the first thing an artist should focus on and then go on to build a name.

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Selling point


My selling point is my voice, my style and my delivery. You know I have this soft voice, I can actually make you feel the song. I can make music that will make you want to buy. You know, not just to make you listen, but to make you feel my song. I have the ability to drag people into a song. I have a different vocal range

Major musical influence

When I was growing up, I used to listen to a lot of Michael Jackson. I listened to Eminem as well, they kind of inspired me. I watched videos of MJ’s performances and how he impacted people’s lives, and it started from there, I mean, I started having a passion for music from there.

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Kind of music


My music is a reflection of who I am and the sum of my life experiences. I will say people should see me like Whiz Khalifa. I’m the Wiz Khalifa of Nigerian music. I will want people to see me as someone real just like Wiz Khalifa. I am real and private. I am a very private person; I don’t have friends.

Brand and personality

My brand is who you see. I mean, I actually choose to show people whatever I want them to know about me. I hardly post stuff about myself on social media. For my brand, I want people to see me as an artist, seeing the bigger picture. I mean, I see my music doing a very big thing for me in the future. I am not even looking at now; I am looking at the future.

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Big moments

I actually started with shows at UNILAG but what has remained most memorable to me was my experience in Ghana. I had a show in Ghana. It was amazing for me. I was not actually expecting the love I got from Ghana, as I had just dropped a new song. I realized then that my music had crossed borders.

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