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A Lot Has Been Written On The Above Subject Matter, So I Would Not Break My Head Going In Detail To Educate President Mohammadu Buhari And His Team, Comprising Mainly Of Persons From His Fulani Cabal, That Nigeria Has A Constitution, Wherein Everything About Land Matters Was Clearly Spelt Out. So The Wicked, Jezebelic And Evilcratic Plot To Grab Indigenous Lands Belonging To Other Tribes In The Country Cannot Be Given To Fulani Settlers Under The Guise Of Grazing Routes (Which Does Not Exist, Especially In The Southern Part Of The Country) And It Will Never Work.

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We All Know That In The Constitution Of The Country, Nigeria, There Is No Provision For The Federal Government To Administrate In Land Matters For Any State In The Country. The Power To Do Such Rests With The State Governors. It Is Therefore An Act Of Insurbordination To The Constitution Of The Country, For The Buhari Presidency To Clandestinely Plot To Coarse, Intimidate And Blackmail State Governors To Surrender State Lands For The Purpose Of Using Same To Settle Fulani Herdsmen, But Hiding Under The Cover Of ” Grazing Route Policy.

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Using South-East Zone To Buttress My Point, No South-East Governor Would Surrender Any Land To Anybody. I Am From The South-East And I Know We Don’t Have Land To Be Given Out To Strangers, Especially Criminal And Violent Strangers Parading As Herdsmen.

Ndigbo Are Indigenous Nigerians, Just As Yoruba, Ijaw, Ibibio, Nupe And Hausas, etc, Are Indigenous Nigerians, With Naturally Inherited Ancestral Lands. This Is Reportedly Not So For The Fulani Tribe. If Fulani Are Indigenous Nigerians, Why Is The Buhari Presidency Openly Forcing The Known Indigenous Nigerians To Surrender Lands, Under The Guise Of Grazing Route? If The Fulanis Are Sincerely Nigerians, Let Them Show Us Their Inherited Ancestral Lands.

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No More, No Less.


I Rest My Pen.

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