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Tiwa savage cursed me, Seyi shay talks about her side of the story,

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In a phone call conversation, seyi shay said she got to the saloon and noticed the tension in the saloon because tiwa savage was in the saloon too, so she decided to come over and say hello so she walked up to tiwa savage and the greeted, 20 minutes later, tiwa savage walked up to her and said ”seyi in your life don’t ever come to say hi to me in public,


seyi said she was shocked because she and tiwa savage had already greeted each other and the boarded the same private jet and taken some pictures together so she didn’t the reason why tiwa savage would act the way she did, her mind flashed back to the 2017 f*ck you challenge she did but to her its been years ago and she did not think it will be the reason for this outrage, tiwa savage kept shouting and said some absurd words, talking about how seyi shay and victoria kimani dissed and abused her severally, seyi shay always said tiwa savage stole her song ‘LOVA LOVA’ which was one of tiwa savage hit songs, seyi shay said she reached out to tiwa savage and congratulated her and asked for her rewards from the song but tiwa savage refused. seyi shay also talked about tiwa savage cursing her and said she wont ever give birth and that statement broke seyi shay because she just had a miscarriage and she has been trying to concieve.


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